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Discography of Senegalese recordings


Compiled by Graeme Counsel

            This discography seeks to present all vinyl recordings (78, 45, and 33.3 rpm discs) produced in Senegal or which which feature Senegalese musicians. I have also included compilation discs where Senegalese artists are represented. Links to other discographies of West African recordings are below.

           I would estimate that this discography is about 75% complete. If you own or know of a vinyl recording that is not listed here please send me an email - graeme@*spam* (remove *spam* from the address) with the details and the entry will be included. All contributions will be acknowledged on this web page

            Square brackets indicate approximate year of release.



Compiled by Graeme Counsel

This page was created on June 12 2008 and w
as last updated on August 1 2008.

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L'arbre éternel - Syliphone LP 28 Guinée ax XII - Syliphone LP 21 Ambassadeurs du Motel
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Orchestre Régional de Mopti Djali Madi Tounkara and The Rail Band Keletigui et ses Tambourinis - Syliphone LP 30
Mamadi Diabaté et Les Ambassadeurs Souleymané Traoré dit Neba Solo Rail Band "Soundiata"
Teningnini Demba Ernesto Djedje "Le roi du ziglibithy" A Search for the Roots of the Blues vols 1 & 2
L'Orchestre National "A" de la République du Mali Ami Koita "Pour le collectionneur vol 3"

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