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Looking for the music of Baba Soumano Horoya Band National
- live in concert in Conakry 1978
"Sékou Touré l'histoire de Guinée tu sera reconnaissante"
- a rare track by the Syli Orchestre National
Baba Soumano was the most prolific Malian musician of the 1950s, exceeding the recording output of Koni Coumaré, Fanta Damba and other much more acclaimed artists of the era. But who today knows of Baba Soumano?

Includes links to his recordings from the early 1950s.
A very rare video of one of the great Guinean orchestras recorded in concert during the Sékou Touré era... "Dansons à Conakry" is a rare LP of Guinean music, featuring a super-rare song by the Syli Orchestre National. Strangely enough, the song was released on CD in 2011, but was mistakenly named as by Les Ballets Africains...
Two rare and unreleased Bembeya Jazz National songs - featuring Demba Camara! Baba Soumano: "Aponsa" SYL 253:
the final chapter of the Syliphone catalogue?
“Pont l’amitie” Baba Soumano performing a version of the highlife standard "Yaa amponsa" with lyrics from "Mami wata" Franklin Boukaka with Keletigui et ses Tambourinis:
"Unité Africain" and "Kitoko mingi"
Sillyphone SPH 001: The first Syliphone release? Baba Soumano: "Mano whisky soda"  
An early four track EP. The original version of the classic made famous by Bembeya Jazz.  

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